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The Solution

The advantages of the URO-POLE are incorporated into the unique features of a single device that places a male urinal or Foley Catheter bag conveniently and safely.

The URO-POLE has a hand sanitation device for use before and after using the urinal or having contact with the Foley Catheter bag. Above the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a basket. A pull handle is located approximately one foot above the hand sanitizer station that contains ancillary supplies such as moist towels, paper towels and liquid santizer.

Last but not least, a small GPS tracking device can easily be added to the structure later


-Reduces days of hospitalization

-Prevents Contact Transmission

-Prevents Vehicle Transmission

-Maintains Asepsis

The URO-POLE provides male and female patients with access to medical equipment designated especially for their urinary products placement and hand sanitation, with easy accessibility.

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